The Orenda Tribe

  • Future Leaders

    Yesterday, I was sitting outside The Orenda Tribe's shop soaking in the spring's sun and chatting with Nadine when a kid stops his father right in front of the shop and explains to him that ...
  • Ethical, Sustainable Fashion. Does It Really Matter?

    Why use 100% organic cotton in your t-shirts and recycled packaging? This adds a lot of cost to your supply chain. Does it really matter? Do people want organic cotton?
  • The Orenda Tribe's Featured Artist - Razanah Silawi

    "The Orenda Tribe allowed me to witness how art can create change in action rather than it being a goal to look forward to. A whole community was brought together through art. They were all ready to give back to the community with the motivation of The Orenda Tribe. People of the community understood how simply art could ...