The Orenda Tribe

  • The Origin of the T-Shirt

    While going through The Orenda Tribe's T-shirt inventory the other day I paused and wondered "What is the origin of the T-shirt?" then I thought to myself that this is information that I should probably know especially when I am running my own T-shirt company.

    So I did some research and following is the juice of what I found out.

    Sometime in the 19th century, people who made undergarments began experimenting ...

  • Why Social Entrepreneurship?

    Since then the concept of social entrepreneurship was always in the back of my head until I was further exposed to it during my MBA in Madrid and the leadership program that I joined in South Africa.

    Learning about the beauty of the concept and its impact lead me to pursue a career in social entrepreneurship myself.

    These are 3 of the many reasons why I believe that social entrepreneurship is good for both the community and business...

  • How The Orenda Tribe Keeps Me Grounded

    As I sit on the dining table around my family and about to break my fast, I reflect on my day and feel grateful for all the basic things that I have in my life.

    Yesterday, we completed a new school beautification project at Gaza Refugee Camp and distributed ...