The Orenda Tribe Impact

  • Project 29 - My Path

    As part of the campaign for My Path, The Orenda Tribe beautified a public school in Ma'an. Community and school students were involved in this project and participated in painting a big mural and cleaning the school.

  • Project 28 - Azraq Children's Space

    Azraq is one of the areas in Jordan that we are becoming fond of. It is an area that is full with kind people and has many stories to tell and since 2019 until today we worked and are still working on a number of projects there. For our 28th Art for Hope project we beautified a playground in Azraq to serve as a safe play area for kids from the community. A project funded by CIVIC.

  • Project 27 - What is Your Dream?

    The Orenda Tribe tailored an art workshop to guide young children to visualize their dreams in order to inspire them to pursue these dreams. We asked the children to draw their dreams on a piece of paper.

    After that we gave them, a wooden star craft to build and paint with shapes, words and colors that resemble their dreams. The children took their stars with them and were asked to keep it as a reminder to pursue their dream.