The Orenda Tribe

  • What is a Gift?

    The Gift.

    The festive season of gift giving is upon us and brands are spamming us with emails on the spirit of gift giving and how their products make the best gift.

    Gift giving dates back thousands of years as far back as humans can remember.

    In early humans, it has been documented that the more generously a man gave, the more easily he would attract a female (For the men re ....

  • Entrepreneurs for Social Change

    Entrepreneurs for Social Change is a program that helps young social entrepreneurs become drivers of change and I am proud to say that I was picked to participate with The Orenda Tribe idea this year.
  • Meet Young Social Entrepreneur Zain Abu Irshaid

    One of the main goals of The Orenda Tribe is to inspire the youth to stand for a cause and stand by others in need and when I see young people from the upcoming generation create initiatives that empower others I see hope and Zain Abu Irshaid is one example of these young inspiring people.

    Let us get to know more about Zain and her social project.