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Future Leaders

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Yesterday, I was sitting outside The Orenda Tribe's shop soaking in the spring's sun and chatting with Nadine when a kid stops his father right in front of the shop and explains to him that we put children's art on t-shirts and give back to refugee camps and less fortunate communities.

Then they supported our mission through buying a t-shirt and Ali the 10 year old kid was so proud of his new t-shirt, that he left the shop wearing it.

And this is why our first product is a children's t-shirt and not an adult's t-shirt. To raise awareness within the upcoming generation. To stir something in their minds and hearts at a young age that will hopefully influence their future actions.

Inspire Hope,

Zaid Souqi

shop gift t-shirt tshirt organic give back social


Support our cause of empowering children through art, by buying our 100% organic cotton purposeful t-shirts. The artwork on the T-Shirts is made by children living in refugee camps & less fortunate communities. A gift with a cause.

Link to our collection: Our T-Shirts



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