The Orenda Tribe

  • How We Give

    For every t-shirt sold The Orenda Tribe empowers a child through art. Our giving back doesn't stop there. Read this blog post to learn more about The Orenda Tribe's social responsibility.

  • Dialogue

    For me, what was special about the exhibition is the dialogue. Dialogue between the artists from the camp and the attendees, between people from different background and even a dialogue that started a small quarrel and ended up in an even stronger dialogue that shortened the gap between two different mentalities.
  • Meet Ala Borzyszkowska - The Orenda Tribe Artivist

    After coming across our t-shirts and story, Alicja Borzyskowska, connected The Orenda Tribe with her school, King's Academy, in the aim of partnering up to have a bigger impact. A high school student, Alicja, started her own charity, lived in different places across the world and this is only th...