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Messages Behind For the Love of the Sea

The home of a fish, a turtle, a seahorse, an octopus and a crab is attacked by an evil plastic bottle due to the action of a human being.

The Orenda Tribe's spring/summer 2019 collection is about the journey of these friends to save the sea with the help of a superhero.

A collection that is about friendship, the impact of plastic on sea life, gender equality, eco-friendly fashion and giving back to the community.

Here is how:


We introduce a children's book for this collection that illustrates how a group of friends stand together for a cause and to protect their home.

Not only do they stand together as different sea creatures but they also make a new human friend, a superhero who helps them on their adventure. Shop the book.

Impact of Plastic on Sea Life

The negative impact of plastic on the sea all over the world today is a major issue and if we do not take drastic action in regards to this topic many species will go extinct. 

The Spring/Summer 2019 collection raises youth's awareness on the impact of plastic on the sea and encourages them to stand for this cause in their part of the world.

Our children's book, art activities and t-shirts all address this topic.

ecofriendly organic sustainable fashion plastic


Gender Equality

The superhero featured in this story and all our stories down the line is a girl. A decision made to highlight gender equality.

ecofriendly organic sustainable fashion plastic

Eco-Friendly Fashion

The t-shirts for this collection are made from 100% organically grown cotton, our packaging is made from recycled material and we are working on daily basis to reach a point where all our products and practices are sustainable.

A tough and more expensive process especially when you are located in Jordan like us, yet nothing is impossible and we are almost there.

ecofriendly organic cotton sustainable fashion plastic

Giving Back to the Community

It gets even better! For every t-shirt sold, The Orenda Tribe is committed to enroll a child from marginalized communities into a purposeful art workshop.

We have reached more than 3,267 children through 25 different workshops to date in 9 different communities.

Check out our impact section to learn more.

ecofriendly organic cotton sustainable fashion plastic

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ecofriendly organic cotton sustainable fashion plastic

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