Art Education Therapy Children T-Shirt Gift

10 people sitting in a circle, in our warmly lit, cozy garden at night, surrounded by artwork created by 12 teenage girls from Gaza Refugee Camp.

"I love how you guys are using art to make a difference but I have a question. Me and my friend here also work with children living in distressed communities and are always wondering how can we make impact sustainable?"

A question that sparked a purposeful, thought-provoking dialogue.

Yesterday's art exhibition was eventful.

People from various backgrounds attended, from Gaza Refugee Camp, from Amman and even from France.

For me, what was special about the exhibition is the dialogue. Dialogue between the artists from the camp and the attendees, between people from different background and even a dialogue that started a small quarrel and ended up in an even stronger dialogue that shortened the gap between two different mentalities.  

Dialogue breaks barriers between communities.

Let us break those barriers. Start a dialogue.

Inspire Hope,

Zaid Souqi


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