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  • Let's Plant Hope

    Join us for a 4-day free art workshop to discuss Food Security issues in Jordan and to come up with creative solutions to these issues.

    We will tackle food security issues through arts & crafts. Participants will jointly come up with different ideas to solve these food security issue and all the work will be exhibited to the public.

  • Addressing Child Marriage Through Art

    Salam is a 14 year old child. During her summer vacation, Salam’s father asks her “What do you want to become when you grow up?” and Salam responds “I want to become a doctor”. From that point on, Salam’s father and whole family support her to achieve her dream and have a happy life full of achi...
  • Raising Awareness on Plastic Pollution

    Friendship, the impact of plastic on sea life, gender equality, eco-friendly fashion and giving back to the community are the main topics of The Orenda Tribe Summer 2019 collection.

    Read our blog to learn more.