• Nurturing Positive Mindsets

    Well-Being Program

    Our research and evidence based well-being content empower participants with mental fitness tools that improve resilience to face challenges with optimism, strength and compassion.


  • “When parents and teachers understand how our brains work it will have more of an impact on their behaviors which can influence schools and homes"

    Dr. Hani Akasheh - Neurology

  • “I learned simple yet life-changing concepts during the workshop”

    Noor Dajani - Mother

  • Methodology

    Our activities are based on the PERMA model building blocks: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment. Our educational content is built on four pillars:

    Neuroscience | Mindful Awareness | Social Emotional Learning | Positive Psychology

  • Power of Art

    Through a decade of working with thousands of people our team mastered integrating art into our approach, enhancing participant engagement and differentiating us from other educators.

Qualified Team

  • Target Audience

    Who it is for?

    We customize our well-being program for all ages, for parents, students, teachers and corporate teams.

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