About The Orenda Tribe

ORENDA [oh-ren-duh] - (noun) A mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world, or to effect change in their own lives.

The Orenda Tribe is a Jordanian lifestyle brand that was founded in 2016 by Zaid Souqi to empower youth across the world through art and story-telling.

After a life-changing experience in Johannesburg while serving with a foundation that cares for orphans and vulnerable children living in rural communities, Zaid quit his corporate career and started The Orenda Tribe in pursuit of a purposeful life.

Our vision is to create a world where youth are empowered to make positive change in their own communities.
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Our mission is to raise awareness on social issues through art and story-telling and we are driven by three main values; Empowerment, Community and Sustainability.
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In light with what is taking place in the world today from environmental, political and socio-economical events we will be leaving our little ones with big responsibilities to attend to. This is why The Orenda Tribe started a series of children's books to raise awareness on different social issues in a fun manner through story-telling.

Inspired from these stories we design tshirts, products and apparel that our customers can wear and use while standing for different social causes.

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Art is a universal language that everyone speaks regardless of their backgrounds. Also, it is a tool that we use to engage youth in different topics and to develop different skills in them like communications, problem-solving, team-work and creativity.

We combine story-telling with tailored art workshops to engage youth in different social issues.

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Social Impact

In line with our values, we are committed to empower youth living in marginalized communities through art and story-telling.

Under the Art For Hope initiative, The Orenda Tribe tailors, runs and funds purposeful art workshops for youth living in marginalized communities. For every t-shirt sold, The Orenda Tribe enrolls a child into one of these art workshops.

Check out our Impact page to learn more about The Orenda Tribe's impact.

shop tshirt gift kids organic ethical art brand