Meet Young Social Entrepreneur Zain Abu Irshaid

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One of the main goals of The Orenda Tribe is to inspire the youth to stand for a cause and stand by others in need and when I see young people from the upcoming generation create initiatives that empower others I see hope and Zain Abu Irshaid is one example of these young inspiring people who are using art for a cause.

Let us get to know more about Zain and her social project.

Tell us more about yourself and why you like art?

I’m 15 years old and I go to Amman Baccalaureate school .

I like art because I can express my inner self through it. I can show what I am feeling through the art piece that I am working on. I've always liked art and my earliest memories involve me drawing and painting.

I currently enjoy working on my art portfolio for the IB educational system and I’m also planning to study something art related at university.

What is your social project about?

My project is about art and refugees.

I worked with Syrian and Palestinian refugees in the Baqaa camp from the ages of 6 to 12 with the goal of coming up with a calendar that features these children's drawings.

The children of the camp have beautiful artistic talents that are hidden. I hope to raise awareness and shed the light on the refugees' hobbies and artistic talents through the calendar that I created.

All the money raised from the sale of these calendars will be going towards buying a cabinet that will have art supplies for the children of the Baqaa camp.

Why did you choose art?

Art can help children in different ways. These children have passed through tough times and art can serve as a great tool for them to express themselves and it can be therapeutic.

Also, both me and the children I worked with are passionate about art.

Art Education Therapy Children T-Shirt Gift

We need more young inspiring people like Zain in our upcoming generation.

We are glad to say that we sold all the calendars that Zain displayed at our shop!

Inspire Hope,

Zaid Souqi

Art Education Therapy Children T-Shirt Gift


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