Project 6 - Color the Camps

Location: Gaza Refugee Camps

Reach: 1,000 Children

Year: 2016

art kids tshirts sustainable ethical fashion

After The Orenda Tribe's fifth #ArtforHope project, we were connected to an amazing organization based in the United States under the name of Color the Camps who have a similar vision to us and also believe in the power of art in making change.

Color the Camps recycled crayons into 1,000 crayon kits and asked children from a school at the US to draw portraits of themselves and write letters as part of an art exchange project with Gaza Refugee Camp. This art exchange would raise awareness about Gaza Refugee Camp and the Palestinian refugee issue.

art kids tshirts sustainable ethical fashion

Our team was so happy to assist Color the Camps in distributing the crayon kits and in guiding children from Gaza Refugee Camp to draw self portraits for the art exchange project.

This was our first of many collaborations with organizations outside of Jordan who share our vision.