Project 7 - ATIC

Location: Gaza Refugee Camps

Reach: 100 Children

Year: 2016

One day, Zaid's (the founder of The Orenda Tribe) phone rings, he looks at the number and it is an international call.

He thought it was a wrong number since he rarely receives international calls. He answers the phone and it was a Woman called Nada calling from Dubai who is studying Art Therapy and would like to learn more about The Orenda Tribe and kindly offered to help in whatever way possible.

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A couple of month later Zaid met Nada in Dubai and the team she works with in an organization called ATIC, a Psychological and Counseling Center originated out of Singapore that uses art in its practices.

ATIC's wonderful team came to Jordan on their own expense in the Christmas holidays and spent most of that time in Gaza Refugee Camp doing art for therapy workshops for more than 100 kids.

The Orenda Tribe connected ATIC to the camp, provided art supplies, arranged for the logistics and volunteered with ATIC in running the workshops.

art kids tshirts sustainable ethical fashion