Project 3 - Inclusion

Location: Gaza Refugee Camp

Reach: 100 Children

Year: 2016

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Whenever The Orenda Tribe implements a project at a community, we make sure to involve the community members. It is their community, they are the ones who are entitled to make the change and involving community members gives them a sense of ownership on the work.

Although Gaza Camp residents were involved in the implementation of our first mural in a kindergarten at the camp (Click here for the story of the mural) during the summer of 2016, we wanted to keep a small part for the children of the kindergarten.

During the first day of kindergarten in September of 2016, the children came to their kindgarten to find the mural that we painted in the summer all over the walls and artist Yasmeen Sabri volunteered and guided 2 and 3 year old children to add their hand stamp and artistic print to the walls.