Project 2 - Breaking Barries at Gaza Camp

Location: Gaza Refugee Camp

Reach: 100 Children

Year: 2016

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In May of 2016, The Orenda Tribe introduced its concept to the public and started selling its purposeful t-shirts to people from all over the world and was showered with positive feedback, supporting messages and lots of love, which inspired us to do our second #ArtforHope project as soon as possible.

During that same time, it came to The Orenda Tribe's knowledge that a grass root organization, under the name of One Love, is raising funds to renovate a kindergarten at Gaza Refugee Camp that also serves as a common area for the residents of the camp.

Zaid from The Orenda Tribe approached artist Razanah Silawi through a volunteer from the previous project to collaborate on doing a beautification project through art in the kindergarten at Gaza Camp. Accordingly, Razanah designed a mural for the school that communicates positive messages on friendship and positive habits like exercising, practicing art, reading and cleanness. 

art kids tshirts sustainable ethical fashion

During day one, Zaid went with Razanah and a couple of volunteers to the camp, they started painting the main hall of the kindergarten, when people from the camp heard of the project and asked to join in. Also, upon sharing posts about the project on instagram, people started asking to join in as volunteers.

With each day you could see how art was breaking barriers between people. In one room there were people from the camp, from Jordan and from different countries and religions all working towards one goal. The volunteers got closer together by the day, started singing together and celebrated the end of the project with a delicious meal prepared by the residents of the camp.

This project was a big milestone for The Orenda Tribe which was completed in collaboration with One Love (Sama Gaza Organization).

art kids tshirts sustainable ethical fashion