Project 15 - Empower

Location: Gaza Refugee Camp

Reach: 168 Children

Year: 2018

"In the beginning of the process, I felt somewhat scared and hesitant about my art work. I am not used to draw this way, and feared my pieces weren't going to impress anyone. Towards the end however, I learned that all the things we learned were a medium that allowed us to express ourselves in several different, but fun ways..." - Ruba Emad, Participant of Workshop 15, Gaza Refugee Camp.

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Artist Fatima Ghazal who works with juveniles in prison in Abu Dhabi by helping them go through their hardships through art decided to come to Jordan and use her vast art knowledge to empower teenage girls in Jerash (Gaza) Refugee Camp.
Fatima worked with a group of girls continuously for 2 weeks and tailored an art workshop that would empower them to believe in their own potential through creative art techniques.

On completion of the workshop, The Orenda Tribe held an exhibition in its work space where the girls described their art work to attendees and dialogues where created between people from different backgrounds that brought them closer together.