Project 16 - Sustainability

Location: Beka'a / Lebanon

Reach: 184 Children

Year: 2018

Chalhoub Group has been supporting The Orenda Tribe since we launched the brand. They offered our t-shirts in two of their best department stores and we partnered together for this Art for Hope project.

art kids tshirts sustainable ethical fashion

This project signifies a big milestone for The Orenda Tribe! It is our first project outside of Jordan and our first step in spreading our giving back efforts internationally.

In collaboration with Chalhoub Impact we tailored and ran an art education workshop for Syrian Refugee kids in Lebanon that involved story telling, facts on environmental sustainability issues and building communication skills.

art kids tshirts sustainable ethical fashion

Each day, through art, we told the children part of an educational story that included real-life facts and then asked them to use art and their imagination to finish that part of the story.

Last day the children presented their artwork and what they learned to the whole school.
art kids tshirts sustainable ethical fashion