The Orenda Tribe Impact

  • Project 26 - Wish Star

    In this workshop, The Orenda Tribe guided children who are going through Cancer treatment through building a wooden start craft and then painting it with colors that resemble their dreams and hopes, just before Make a Wish foundation distributed gifts to the children.

    A workshop that aims to uplift the spirits of the young superheroes.

  • Project 25 - Child Marriage & Girl's Rights

    Salam a young girl who goes to school will live one of two scenarios. In one case she is empowered by her family to pursue her dreams in life no matter how big these dreams are and they support her all the way. While, in the other scenario she is forced to leave her school in order to marry an older stranger, which results in a life of suffering for her and the child she is responsible for when she barley can take care of herself at a young age. Learn more about this workshop on child marriage and girl's rights.

  • Project 24 - Resilience

    Trace your hands on canvas. In one hand write down the things in your life that you want to let go off and in the other hand write the things that you aspire for in your life. Then paint the canvas with colors that resemble the feelings in each hand. This was one of the activities of our 24th art for hope project that was implemented in collaboration with Save the Children with Children from Za’atari Refugee Camp and from Indonesia.