The Orenda Tribe Impact

  • Project 23 - Waste Management & Recycling

    In collaboration with GIZ, The Orenda Tribe raised youth's awareness on waste management and recycling best practices in Irbid/Jordan through art and storytelling.
  • Project 22 - Future Leaders

    Back in August 2019, The Orenda Tribe partnered with Madrasati to mentor students from different public schools across Jordan on how to use art to beautify their schools and how to lead the whole process.
  • Project 21 - Unity in Diversity

    We painted a big mural and the message behind the artwork is unity in diversity, which goes back to one of our missions of breaking barriers through art. People from all across Jordan and from all ages participated in this project. We had an amazing experience getting to know the people of the area, meeting lots of volunteers and uplifting the spirit of the neighborhood through art and color.