Dive into Well-being Workshop

  • 50.000 JD

Feeling overwhelmed and burnt out? Yearning for a happier, more fulfilling life?

Join HRH Princess Noor Bint Asem and Zaid Souqi at The Orenda Tribe for the Dive into Wellbeing Workshop, happening, 25th of May in Amman, Jordan!

Explore the meaning of wellbeing, understand how your brain works under stress, learn more about self-awareness and discover powerful practices you can incorporate daily to reduce stress and boost your presence.

Our activities are based on the PERMA model building blocks and our four key pillars: Neuroscience, Mindful Awareness, Social Emotional Learning, and Psychology.

We integrate art and fun experiences in our workshops to make them interactive and memorable!


What to expect:

  • Introduction to Wellbeing: We will explore the definition of wellbeing and reflect on how shifting our mindsets to a positive one impacts our life.
  • Self-Awareness: Positive change begins with self-awareness. Learn to recognize how stress affects your brain and identify moments when you're on autopilot.
  • Here & Now Practices: We will wrap up by engaging in well-being practices & visualization exercises. Then craft our own personalized roadmap!

*Limited capacity of 10 people only.



"Great place with amazing views and plenty of space with a variety of arts and crafts activities for a good cause." - Omar Al Omari


Date: Saturday, May 25th | 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location: Al Weibdeh, Amman, Jordan at The Orenda Tribe

Ages: Adults

Call 0791200818 for more information.