Volunteering Information

On Saturday the 30th we started a beautification project in a public school in Madaba that includes a mural, on-floor painted games and planting.

We are going back to the same school on Monday to involve the students in the process and to finalize the mural.

Date: Monday, 9th 

Time: 9.00am

Location: Madaba

Age: 18+

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

What will be required from the volunteer?

To assist us in working with the students, painting, simple labor work and up-cycling tires into benches.

Required skills.

Simple art knowledge.

*Note: Volunteer might be required to drive to the school

To join please send us a direct message to Instagram or on WhatsApp (0791200818), with your name and phone number.

Volunteers will be picked randomly or according to art skill.