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The Orenda Tribe was founded as a social enterprise with the vision of creating a world where youth are empowered to make positive change in their own communities through art and story-telling.
Through the Art for Hope initiative, The Orenda Tribe is spreading purposeful art into marginalized areas where art is neglected. For every tshirt sold, The Orenda Tribe enrolls a child from marginalized communities into one of its art workshops. Click here to learn more.
Also, all of our actions are driven by our three values as follows:
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Through art and story-telling The Orenda Tribe raises awareness on different social issues and the solutions to these issues in a manner that empowers youth to adopt these solutions in their day to day life.

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To date we've touched on different topics including the impact of plastic on sea-life, diversity, gender equality, pursuit of dreams, deforestation and global warming through different stories, art workshops and murals such as the one shown above.

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Our approach is inclusive of the community that we work with. When we do purposeful art workshops in marginalized communities we involve community members in tailoring and running these workshops and volunteers join us from other communities in an effort to bridge the gap between communities.

shop tshirt gift kids organic ethical art brand

As part of our commitment to eco-friendly practices we use organically grown cotton in our tshirts, up-cycled material in a number of our products and recycled packaging.

We are continuously working towards having a fully sustainable product line, sourced from communities in need and are hoping to achieve this goal in the coming year.