A Journey to Wellbeing

“… A part of me wants to stay right where I am and wants not anyone or anything to jostle me or ask me questions, push me forward. A part of me is so afraid to open my eyes because the very nature of waking up is to be aware, to be accountable, to be responsible for the healing of my life…

…A part of me is being propelled up and out into this great wilderness and asking to discover the power hidden in the creases of my skin, resting on the tips of my eyelashes, traveling in the veins that surge through me…” 

As Sarah Blondin's calming voice guides me through this peaceful meditation, a question surfaces: "How did I get here?" I go down a trip through memory lane to remember the light, vibrant and ambitious version of myself versus the pattern of anxiety that held me back at moments throughout my journey from achieving my dreams.

“Can you hear that small voice inside of you? that has been telling you there is more to this life than what you have been choosing.”

A decade ago, a young man, eyes beaming with fearless excitement, gazed out the window of a rumbling mini van. Bound for Zaatari Refugee Camp, he was about to implement his first art workshop with children for his newborn social enterprise. Dreams of a vibrant future danced in his head. The dusty road stretched before him, an invitation to a world full of possibilities.

His unwavering belief combined with relentless action opened doors to extraordinary experiences. One day, he'd be listening to the resilience stories of refugees in camps, the next, he'd find himself engaged in conversations with royalty and CEOs of billion-dollar companies. 

His social enterprise, born from a deep desire to advocate for crucial issues, rose to prominence. Its voice reached decision-makers worldwide, attracting partnerships with major companies. Together, they impacted the lives of thousands of young people across the MENA region. This wasn't just a dream; it was a life overflowing with passion and purpose.

“A part of me wants to keep my eyes closed and pull the covers over my head; block out the light trying to be turned out in my room.”

Years under the relentless pursuit of his goals took their toll. Problems that used to excite him now felt like mountains. The things he once did with passion became a way to numb the growing worry inside him, a desperate attempt to outrun feeling burned out. The spark in his eyes, once bright with hope, started to fade. This emotional burnout forced him to confront a difficult truth: even the most passionate pursuits can become burdens if you don’t take care of yourself.

“Can you hear that small voice inside of you that has been gently guiding you to your heart all along?”

Curious about the root of this emotional burden, he went on a journey of self-discovery. Diving into the world of neuroscience and well-being felt like a lifeline. He wanted to understand his brain, his feelings, and how to break free from this cycle of exhaustion and anxiety.

This journey wasn't meant to be a solo mission. Fate led him to a top expert in the field (A Jordanian Princess - True story!). Together, they realized their mission was bigger than just fixing themselves – they could help others too!

The social enterprise, once focused on specific problems, took a new direction. Now, they wanted to spread the word about well-being and how to manage emotions. Their unique approach? Combining the power of art with the science of the brain to help nurture positive mindsets for a better world.

“There inside of you a wondrous part of you is calling you to step into the land of  your great un-bounding potential, freedom, and abundance” 

I encourage you to try Sarah Blondin's meditation which inspired this blog post AND if you are in Amman I invite you to join HRH Princess Noor Bint Asem (the wellbeing expert from the story) & myself (the "young" man) in our very first step of our wellbeing journey the DIVE INTO WELLBEING WORKSHOP.

“A part of you knows this as truth. A part of you can hear a deep and resounding yes to the pulling of the covers off from over your head, because it knows your life, your one precious life is so worth it.”