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Project 19 - Bullying

Location: Public School in Naour / Jordan

Reach: 1,040 Children

Year: 2019

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When asked what problems do students face in the school, the answer that the teachers, students and principal answered was bullying. For our 19th project we addressed the topic of bullying in a public school in Naour.

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We created a story on bullying for this project and started the project with storytelling and art workshops at the school, where participants where engaged through art on the topic of bullying and at the end of the workshop we asked them to draw what a bully free school environment would look like.

Then, inspired from their artwork we beautified the school through a mural and converting a landfill into a beautiful garden and common area for the students.

art kids tshirts sustainable ethical fashion

This project was funded by the US Embassy as part of the alumni exchange program.


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