The Common Sense Behind Manifestation

Manifestation: to make something happen. 

Let me take you back to the early days of The Orenda Tribe. Picture this: With zero experience in the fashion industry, I had a wild vision of our first collection being displayed at the kids top luxury store in the world. Ambitious, right? People laughed at me: “You think they’ll carry your line next to top luxury brands with zero track record?! Do you know how many people are trying to get in?” Reflecting back on this moment and what happened next (you will know by the end of this blog post) I now realize is the pure definition of what people call “Manifestation” 

The Common Sense Behind Manifestation 

Looking back on moments where we believe in achieving something seemingly impossible, and find ourselves effortlessly driven and resourceful, made me come to the realization that manifestation isn’t some magical woo-woo nonsense—it’s plain old common sense and here’s why. Studies show we have around 60,000 thoughts a day, 80% of which are negative, and 90% are repetitive. Manifestation trains the brain to swap these negative (holding-us-back) thoughts for positive ones. The result? Your confidence skyrockets, you have more energy, your brain kicks into high gear, and you fear failure less. This all translates to less anxiety and a higher chance of achieving your goals and dreams. 

Training Your Brain for Positive Thinking
There are several universal manifestation practices. Here are three simple ones that can help you start your journey towards your dreams: 

1. Have a Clear Vision
Articulate what you want in life. Clarify it. Who do you want to be? What do you want to feel? If you’re thinking, “Umm, I have no clue,” start with how you want to feel in the future and work from there. This flips the script from “What could go wrong?” to “What could go right?”—and suddenly, you’re energized. Try creating a vision board collage. It’s like arts and crafts for your dreams. Find resources online, or swing by our art space to make one anytime! 

2. Practice Self-Love
Self-love is crucial in manifestation. Be kind to yourself. Incorporate practices that make you feel fulfilled. Exercise, eat healthily, practice affirmations, and indulge in a bit of pampering. Trust me, you’ll have more energy to chase your dreams and a lot more positive thoughts buzzing around. 

3. Embrace Authenticity
Know your values and align your actions with them. When your actions match your values, you avoid inner conflict, feel fantastic, and generate a cascade of positive thoughts. It’s like giving your brain a big high-five. I recommend you look up mining values exercise to help you identify yours. 

And always, Trust the Journey
Manifestation might sound mystical to some of you, but it's really about being at the top of your wellbeing game with a positive mindset. Enjoy the journey, be present, and remove fear and doubt. Meditation helps, as does consistently practicing the steps above. Think of it as putting on your “optimism” glasses.

So, whether you’re a manifestation newbie or a seasoned pro, remember: it’s all common sense. Swap negative thoughts for positive ones, and watch how it transforms your life.

Manifestation is about optimizing your wellbeing by starting with a positive mindset. Common sense for achieving your dreams, right? Share your thoughts with us.

And yes back to the story of displaying our collection at the luxury department store. Well, guess what? Unfazed and fueled by a relentless mindset, our collection was inside that store within four months! It was one of many “Manifestation” moments on my entrepreneurial journey.

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