Breaking Barriers Through Art

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Ever since I came up with the idea of The Orenda Tribe and using art as a tool for giving back, many of my friends criticized me and suggested that there are more important things than art that I should be focused on, like food or schooling.

Their criticism made me doubt our mission until we did our first school beautification project through art. During our wok, I overheard Hashem a volunteer and Mohannad a Gaza Camp resident, who were both sitting next to me, getting to know each other while painting the wall. I paused at that moment, took a step back and looked at the room around me to realize that there were people from different backgrounds, religions and ages all working together towards one noble goal regardless of their differences.

Art is a universal language that was bringing us closer together. Art was breaking barriers between us. This is the power of Art! This is what we stand for in The Orenda Tribe! 

All we need to do now is to stretch this children's school room a few meters a day.

Inspire Hope,

Zaid Souqi


Support our cause of empowering children through art, by buying our 100% organic cotton purposeful t-shirts. The artwork on the t-shirts is made by children living in our partner communities and refugee camps. A gift with a cause.

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