Project 23 - Waste Management & Recycling

Location: Public School in Irbid / Jordan

Reach: 2,000 Youth

Year: 2019

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The aim of this project which is in collaboration with GIZ is to raise youth's awareness in Irbid on Waste Management and Recycling best practices so that they act as change agents in their own community.

We started by visiting a public school in Irbid to facilitate art workshops on the topic of Waste Management and Recycling in order to have an understanding of the existing situation and to listen to the young community members.

Afterwards with the help of GIZ, we studied the waste management and recycling process taking place in Jordan today. We visited sorting stations, met with people involved in the topic and understood the technical aspect of the process.

All the collected information was then used to design two children's books on the topic of recycling and waste management. The books were tailored to Irbid.

GIZ distributed 2,000 copies to children in Irbid, used the characters in animation videos to further raise awareness on the topic and brought in storyteller to tell the story to children.