Project 9 - Mothers

Location: SOS Children's Village Amman / Jordan

Reach: 60 Children

Year: 2017

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Artist Omar Al Abdallat is a creative and renowned cartoonist who decided to put all his effort and talent for the good of the community and he is great in motivating people through art to make positive change. Omar spoke in TEDx in Portugal, took part in many initiatives across the world and tailored his own program that empowers people through art under the name of Inhad which is Arabic for Rise.

The Orenda Tribe partnered with Omar for a collaboration at the SOS Children's Village and after speaking with the SOS, we decided to work with the children's care takers. Each care taker is responsible for around eight children at the SOS village and lives with them in a house. Therefore, the care taker is the biggest influence on the children and she is the one who raises them at the village.

art kids tshirts sustainable ethical fashion

Omar tailored art workshops that would engage the care takers and emphasize the importance of their role in empowering the kids that they are responsible for and shaping their future.

The Orenda Tribe funded this project. It was our second project at the SOS and our first collaboration with artist Omar al Abdallat.