Project 21 - Unity in Diversity

Location: Weibdeh / Jordan

Reach: 100 Youth

Year: 2019

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For project number 21, The Orenda Tribe implemented a beautification project in the intersect of Weibdeh and Downtown Amman. An area that is vibrant with people and still holds and shows many of the Jordanian beautiful traditions.
We painted a big mural and the message behind the artwork is unity in diversity, which goes back to one of our missions of breaking barriers through art. People from all across Jordan and from all ages participated in this project.
We beautified the neighborhood which resulted in more people visiting the area which impacts positively on all of the local small shops surrounding the area.
We had an amazing experience getting to know the people of the area, meeting lots of volunteers and uplifting the spirit of the neighborhood through art and color.
This project is funded by the US Embassy in Jordan as part of the US Alumni Mentorship program. Art created and implemented by The Orenda Tribe’s team.