What Shall We Play Now?

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Just imagine all the things you can do with a green piece of cloth. Will you turn it into the sail of a pirate ship or into a small tent? Just imagine.
Will you turn it into a beautiful butterfly that will fly from one flower to another or into a superheroine that will protect everybody from evil? Just imagine.
Raya and Samar just imagine and have great fun playing with a green piece of cloth.

Samar and her friend Raya have a lovely time playing with a green piece of cloth given to them by Samar’s Mom. With a little bit of imagination Samar transforms herself into a superheroine, and a brave Bedoine woman. Raya becomes a beautiful butterfly that flits from flower to flower and a Mahraja. The green piece of cloth is then transformed into Sinbad’s sail and off they go to explore the high seas.
This story celebrates the imagination and creativity of children. The story is written in simple rhyme, with predictable language that is fun for kids to repeat. It helps to make reading easier and more fun.