Omar is Lost

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Omar wanders from his mother’s side in pursuit of a kitten and gets lost in the downtown souk. He is faced with different situations and finally makes the right choice and is reunited with his mother.

The fear of getting lost is a primal fear for most children. This story addresses this fear and paves the way to discuss many safety issues with children. Parents and teachers can discuss different options with children on how to avoid getting lost in public places. They can discuss the choices Omar made when he got lost. Why did he refuse to accompany strangers to find his Mom? Should he have gone with them? Are all strangers bad? What steps did Omar take to find his Mom? Who helped him in the end? What would you have done? Such questions will start a lively discussion and help the children find their own answers.

Omar is Lost is part of the “Best Friend Series” by Taghreed Najjar.