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Life surprises us sometimes by the sudden and unexpected absence of loved ones. Koozy the cat suddenly disappears from the life of her young friend. He feels sadness and pain at her absence and tries to understand why his beloved Koozi disappeared and where she may have gone.

This story deals with the loss of a loved one and how children come to terms with it.
This is a hard subject to tackle and sometimes the best way is through a story. Children are sensitive and react strongly to the loss of a pet or even a toy. A story gives them the chance to voice their feelings and try to make sense of that loss. Sometimes kids blame themselves for the loss thinking that maybe it was something they did or did not do that made the loved one disappear from their lives. A story gives them the chance to safely discuss this and realize that others have gone through the same experience and share their sense of loss. The story also suggests different ways people cope with loss.