Enchanted Creations: Nature-Inspired Art

  • 15.000 JD

Please note that workshop registrations are non-refundable.

This workshop invites children on a journey into the calming embrace of nature. They'll explore the soothing and grounding influence of natural elements, discovering how this connection fosters inner peace, joy, and harmony. Through painting with natural materials as stencils, they'll create beautiful artworks reflecting this newfound connection.

What to expect:

  • Enhanced creativity and mindfulness through engaging activities.

  • Fostered appreciation for nature's beauty, instilling gratitude and awe.

  • Encouraged self-expression using nature-inspired themes for personal exploration.


"My 7yo and 5yo had such a wonderful time doing crafts at Orenda Tribe. I didn't expect them to enjoy it this much! They relaxed, had fun and enjoyed learning about Orenda Tribe and the work they do! Thank you very much for the creative safe space and the friendly site supervisors site!" - Talar K


Date: Friday, July 26th | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Location: Al Weibdeh, Amman, Jordan at The Orenda Tribe

Ages: 8-12 years

Call 0791200818 for more information.