Easter Craft Box

  • $42 USD

Happy Easter! Enjoy our Easter themed Craft Box with your loved ones this holiday! 

Easter Craft Box includes:  1- Bunny Craft Basket 2- Bunny Puzzle Character 3- Easter Eggs Garland, 1 paint brush and high quality paint.

The craft is made with local carpenters. & from recycled wood.

A high quality and socially responsible box.

Payment can be made via Paypal, Visa or cash on delivery. Call 0791200818 for any inquiries.

Reviews from our Previous Box

“This kit has kept my daughter busy for the past 3 days..it’s one of the best things I’ve got her and she loves it.. she wakes up just to get started with her painting ❤️” Maisaq

“I’m in love with every detail. The packaging, the material, the design” Karma

“My son loves you and your products and we miss the place” Tala

“My son loves the box and was so excited. The quality is amazing, thank you so much!” Tania

“I’m enjoying it myself…. we enjoyed the activity! I was surprised my daughter who’s 5.5 could solve it (with minimal assistance)!” Basma

“This is really well put together, beautiful job as always” Laurice

“Wow! Everything is very high quality. I am very impressed. My kids can’t wait to make the Ramadan decorations. I just told all the other moms I know” Hannah

“Thank you for this ! The kids are having a wonderful time doing them and will hang them on our Ramadan tree! A wonderful idea” Ghada