Against the Tide

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When the course of her family’s life changes forever, 15 year old Yusra is faced with a choice. Either she accepts her new life as it is, or she does something about it. But what if doing something about it means she would be going against her society? What if doing something about it would make her “crazy” in the eyes of everyone around her?...  and what if doing something about it, would lead Yusra to find out one of the most important secrets to life. Set in Gaza, Palestine and inspired by a true story, this novel will warm the hearts of its’ readers and shine a light of hope in them.

This story is recommended as a supplementary reader in schools as it addresses a number of topics of interest to teenagers; overcoming hardship, taking responsibility of your life, courage, friendship and what it means to be a teenager in a war torn place like Gaza, where people have been under total blockade for years now.

This story was inspired by the true story of a young Gazan girl called Madelein Callab who became Gaza’s first fisher woman at the age of 14 .

Other than that all the characters and plot are fictional. All persons mentioned in the story and unfolding details in the story are fictional.