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Giving Back Through Art

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ORENDA (oh-ren-duh)

(noun) a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world, or to effect change in their own lives.

At The Orenda Tribe, we believe in empowering our youth to proactively seek a better future for themselves and their families.

We give back to children living in refugee camps & less fortunate communities, in the aim of inspiring them with hope and helping them achieve their dreams.

Who We Give

shop gift t-shirt tshirt organic give back socialDuring one of our Art Therapy Sessions at the SOS Children Villages in Jordan

The communities we collaborate with range from refugee camps and poor local areas to orphanages, disadvantaged health care centres and any communities where children might be living in distressed conditions.   

We like to build a personal relationship with the people of the communities and get an insight of their daily lives through visiting them, listening to their stories and spending time at the communities.

This way we build healthy communication channels that can help us benefit the people of the communities while getting to meet many inspiring people at the same time.

What We Give

shop gift t-shirt tshirt organic give back socialFrom The Orenda Tribe's first school beautification project

Every t-shirt purchase you make helps The Orenda Tribe fund ART activities in refugee camps and less fortunate communities.

We are currently in the process of tailoring an art curriculum that aims to empower and benefit the children of the refugee camps & distressed communities.

Also, due to our personal relationships with the refugee camps and communities, we have raised funds numerous times, in addition to the funds raised from the sales of our t-shirts, to support certain causes that we came across like providing winter clothes for children and fixing roofs of houses in winter time.

Check out the What We Give section to know more about our projects so far.

Why Art?

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Because we believe that Art can act as a catalyst for change.

Art teaches and enforces many positive skills in children, such as:

  1. Creativity. Art encourages children to think outside of the box, to explore and take risks. Creativity drives innovation.
  2. Confidence. The process of stepping out of their comfort zone, trying new things, making mistakes and learning from them builds confidence within the kids.
  3. Problem-Solving. Art teaches children that there can be more than one solution to the same problem and allows them to look at problems from different perspectives.
  4. Art Builds Community. Seeing other people's creative expression breaks barriers between everyone, whether racial, religious, socio-economical, cultural or other. It makes us more connected through seeing how we are all related. Art creates a sense of belonging.
  5. Communication. Sometimes children find it difficult to communicate their emotions verbally and especially in distressed communities. Children can express their emotions and communicate it through Art.

Also, Art teaches children how to be accountable, how to collaborate with others, enhances their focus and much more.

Art is a neglected subject in most distressed communities although it is very important in building the skills in children that will allow them to build a better future for themselves and their communities. And this is Why We Chose Art!


To know more about our projects and how we contributed to the communities thus far, visit the What We Give section on our website. 

Inspire Hope

shop gift t-shirt tshirt organic give back social


Support our cause of empowering children through art, by buying our 100% organic cotton purposeful t-shirts. The artwork on the t-shirts is made by children living in our partner communities and refugee camps.

Link to our collection: The Orenda Tribe t-shirts