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About The Orenda Tribe

The Orenda Tribe is a brand that is using the tool of art to empower people and break barriers between communities.

We tailor and run art workshops for people from all ages, mainly children, that focus on empowerment, breaking-barriers and developing life-skills while raising awareness on different social issues.
We also sell lifestyle products such as t-shirts and tote bags with designs inspired from children’s art. 
art education children t-shirt gift

Art For Hope

art education children t-shirt gift

The Orenda Tribe is a value and purpose driven enterprise. 

Under the Art For Hope initiative, our team continuously works on spreading art into areas where it is neglected and needed the most like refugee camps and other distressed areas. We tailor and run purposeful art workshops that empower children and breaks-barriers between people. 
Check out our Art For Hope section to learn more. 

The Birth of The Orenda Tribe

art education children t-shirt gift

In 2014, at the age of 28, Zaid Souqi, decided to leave his corporate job and his hometown, Jordan, for a couple of years in the hopes of finding purpose. Attracted by the entrepreneurial spirit and diversity of Madrid based IE Business School, Zaid joined their MBA program. 
During the 3rd term of school he went to Johannesburg for around 3 months to volunteer with a foundation that cares for orphaned and vulnerable children in rural communities and returned back a changed man, inspired from the people he met and the impact that they were having on other people’s lives. 
This is when Zaid realized that there is no need to choose between doing well and doing good and decided to leave his successful corporate career and integrate purpose into his new life, in the hopes of making change through art and inspiring others to pursue a purposeful life.

Why Art?

art education children t-shirt gift
Art is a universal language that everyones speaks regardless of their differences or backgrounds. Also, art is important in building different life-skills in children like communications, problem-solving and creativity.
Art is fun!

What does ORENDA mean?

ORENDA - (noun) A mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world, or to effect change in their own lives.
art education children t-shirt gift