Riley The Turtle Pouch

  • $14 USD

Cotton canvas pouch featuring a turtle.

Riley is a turtle from the "For The Love Of The Sea" children's book created by The Orenda Tribe to raise awareness on plastic pollution.

Padded from the inside with red and white stripes.

Works as a toiletries bag, pencil case, travel pouch or a pouch for the beach/pool.

Size - 14.8cm wide X 21cm length X 6cm wide base

Art Education Therapy Children T-Shirt GiftImpact to date - The Orenda Tribe is spreading purposeful art to empower children in areas where art is marginalized and needed the most. Learn more.


“I’m in love with every detail. The packaging, the material, the design” Karma

“My son loves you and your products” Tala


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