What 10 years of pursuing a purposeful life have taught me

This is what 10 years of pursuing a purposeful life through The Orenda Tribe have taught me.

10 years ago, I embarked on a journey to lead a purposeful life, defying all odds by quitting my executive job and plunging into the ocean of the unknown. It was a mind-boggling adventure that opened my eyes to the diverse parallel lives on this planet, exposing me to stories of people in refugee camps, cancer hospitals, orphanages and distressed communities. Simultaneously, sometimes within the same day, I found myself interacting with royalty, CEOs of billion-dollar companies and accomplished individuals from all corners of the globe.

It has been a roller coaster of emotions that my mind is yet to fully digest (I hope that writing this passage helps). A roller coaster of excitement, happiness, fear, inspiration, heartbreak, strength, resilience, shame and pride among all other emotions one can name. Yet the highlight of this roller coaster ride is that it always ascended higher after every drop, a journey rich in growth.

In retrospect, I realize that mindset was everything. When I started out fearless and full of ambition, with my heart in the right place and a crystal clear vision (what I now understand as manifestation), doors opened left and right. I sold volumes of our products across the world, was featured on famous media platforms, invited to speak at events alongside global leaders and attracted CEOs of global companies as partners. However, when overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, things spiraled downwards until I could resiliently pick myself up, a pattern that seemed to grow more extreme with each cycle, both downwards and upwards.

In the most recent turn of events, I lost my entire team post covid-19 while drowning in stress and anxiety. Yet, within months, I managed to turn things around, leading the company to its most profitable year and closing a deal with the perfect investor and partner, with terms beyond my wildest dreams.

As 2022 came to a close, I celebrated my most successful year yet, with a financially strong and well-connected partner by my side, ready to achieve all my dreams. And then, it happened again. The pattern returned. Fear overcame my mind, and anxiety gripped my body just as I was expected to build a new team and outperform once more. But this time, it was different, and here's why:

Rich with knowledge about well-being and the brain, my new co-founder empowered me with access to content and experts from around the world on these topics. They taught me how our brain reacts to anxiety and stress, while equipping me with mental fitness tools. These tools would improve my resilience, enabling me to face challenges with optimism, strength, and compassion.

While going through this learning journey and speaking out to people around me about it, I came to the realization that almost everyone I know is going through or has been through some level of anxiety, whether they are aware of it or not. Anxiety that is holding them back from pursuing their goals, dreams in life, or simply from finding happiness.

This brings me back to what 10 years of pursuing a purposeful life have taught me. With all this time spent searching for purpose in communities and projects across the world, I realized I was looking in the wrong place. Purpose has been within me all along. All I needed to do was look inward. With this conclusion, my co-founder and I dedicate The Orenda Tribe and its efforts from this day onward to help people discover their purpose from within, as we continue to find ours. It's an impact that will ripple from within us into the world around us.

Interestingly, the word "Orenda," which I stumbled upon 10 years ago, means a mystical force present in all people, empowering them to affect the world and effect change in their own lives.

Let’s find our Orenda together.

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