The Kindness Box

“Let us combine Easter and Ramadan boxes together this year!” Afnan, The Orenda Tribe’s creative director, suggested in our team’s meeting and we all excitingly agreed.

This year Ramadan and Easter coincide; two events that are all about kindness, hence we decided to introduce the Kindness Box.

What is the Kindness Box?

The Kindness Box is an arts and crafts box that is all about co-existence and being kind to each other. The box contains several fun activities as shown below.

Short Story:

Let's make our nights a little brighter with the help of our friends. Help the bunny collect all of the kindness stars in the forest while holding the lantern. Let the bunny's kindness shine by practicing kind acts every day, then place the shiny stars on the kindness tree with the help of the buzzy bee. Take a look at the bunny and its lantern friend as they spread kindness to the whole world!


30 Days of Kindness:

The 30 days of kindness activity is designed to build kind habits in children. Children have 30 kindness activities shaped as stars to choose from on a daily basis. After completing each act of kindness, the child can cut the stars out of the activity sheet to stick on the kindness tree. Some examples include saying thank you and please, helping with house chores, thanking a police officer or a teacher, and donating a toy.


DIY Lantern & Bunny Crafts:

The box also contains two DIY crafts for children to paint: a bunny and a lantern. After collecting the kindness stars with the help of the bunny and the shining lantern, the child can color the wooden bunny and lantern crafts with a paintbrush and paint from inside the box. 

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Pay it forward:

The Orenda Tribe team aims to not only educate and encourage children through simple acts of kindness but also to give back to the community; for each sold box, we will enroll a child in one of our partner communities in an art workshop after Ramadan.


Kindness is a habit that we practice daily. One meaningful thing we have to remember and teach our kids is that one simple act of kindness a day can go a long way.


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