Girls' Rights

In 1995, governments from around the world came together in Beijing, China, to make promises to improve the situation for girls and women globally. These promises were made into the 'Beijing Declaration".

In 2020, 25 years later, The Orenda Tribe partnered with Save the Children International to create an adolescent friendly summary of the declaration that is inspired from girls' input and thoughts.

The Orenda Tribe designed art workshops around a story created to communicate key areas of the Beijing Declaration. The story is about a girl called Salam who in one version lives a happy life with the support of her community and family, while in the other version struggles through her life by being forced out of school and then into marrying a strange man who is much older than her, a story that is sadly true in several communities.

girls rights the orenda tribe

Then with the help of Save the Children, The Orenda Tribe implemented the workshop with Jordanian, Palestinian and Syrian girls in refugee camps and different areas across Jordan and asked them to express their thoughts on the story and the key areas that the Beijing Declaration covers.

These thoughts were translated into a booklet and art pieces that were later and are still being presented to decision makers across the world to influence policy change. Click on the image below to view and download the booklet.

girls rights the orenda tribe

After that in 2021 with the increased violence against girls due to the Covid-19 lock down, The Orenda Tribe and Save the Children expanded their partnership into Egypt and Lebanon.

We implemented more art workshops with children on the topic of the right to a better future where children talked about their dreams and aspirations for the future for girls and how they want to see change happen.

Inspired from the new workshops, The Orenda Tribe created the "We Can" story. A story about five girls who decide to take action in their community on violence against girls. Profits from the sale of this story will all go to further support the same cause. You can click on the image below to learn more.

girls rights the orenda tribe
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