Back to the Roots

These past couple of years were tough on everyone and I am grateful that The Orenda Tribe survived them. Yet times like these challenge social entrepreneurs to think of how to reach their goals while forgetting about the why. A survival mode way of thinking that can compromise the mission of a social enterprise.

Last night, I was sitting with Zena from our team at our art space and as we spoke about The Orenda Tribe she asked me “What is your favorite project to date and why?”

Before responding, I looked behind me and saw a picture from our first mural in Gaza Refugee Camp which brought back memories and reminded me of why I started The Orenda Tribe.

I replied to Zena while pointing to the picture, “This project is my favorite. Back then, The Orenda Tribe was still at its very beginnings. I wanted to paint a mural while renovating part of this kindergarten at the camp. And out of nowhere I find myself working with a group of inspiring volunteers who all united for one goal: to have a positive impact on the lives of the kids going to that school. And this group of selfless people kept on growing during the 8 days of painting and into the next years to include people from all over the world. This is the essence of The Orenda Tribe. Community! And you know what, we should revive this as we leave covid behind us.”

Zena responded, “I love this and it is the reason I joined the team. I felt that The Orenda Tribe is a platform for people who want to make a difference.”

Our conversation, reminded me of the feelings and the excitement I had back then and I realized that during these past years I immersed myself in emails, deadlines, proposals, sales, covering our expenses and trying to survive the difficult covid-19 years. Tasks that shifted my focus away from the essence of The Orenda Tribe and the reason I started it.

This dialogue among others I had last week and recent transitions within the company made me reflect on my journey and revisit the grassroots and the values of The Orenda Tribe. A task that every social entrepreneur should regularly do, so not to steer away from the company’s mission.

We are going back to our roots! Reviving The Orenda Tribe’s community reach and we look forward to share with you our upcoming community based projects!

We are going back to the why.

Zaid Souqi