A Brighter Future Art Workshop

A couple of weeks back, Wajeeh called me from SOS Children's Villages to inform me that they are doing an open day at the village, and to make this day special for the children we decided to guide them to create art pieces that can be exhibited and auctioned during the open day.

The Orenda Tribe art children sos

How can we improve self confidence and envision a better future through art? 

This is the question that we asked ourselves as we were preparing for the workshop and here is what we did. First, we envisioned a bright future full of possibilities by asking the children "If you can do anything in the world, what do you want to do in the future?"

Then we guided them to draw and paint fun and colorful self-portraits of their future self who will achieve this goal.

art The Orenda Tribe kids sos

All the paintings will be exhibited in the SOS Children's Villages open day on Saturday the 20th of August and will be auctioned to raise money for the children.